Rubbings Trail

Rubbings Trail

On your travels in the Park have you noticed the round metal discs – about 20cm diameter – with different plants, fungi and animals on them? 

There are 10 of these plaques spread all over the park for you to do ‘brass rubbings’. If you have paper and a crayon or pencil you can take a rubbing of each. 

A gif of 3 seconds showing two hands putting white paper on a brass plaque and rubbing with a crayon to create image of a bee
Brass Rubbing with Crayon works best

Place the paper over the plaque and rub hard with pen, pencil or ideally a crayon. If you don’t have paper, take a photo and remember where they are to return with paper and crayons to take a rubbing next visit. 

Circular plaque with image of two mushrooms in relief
Mushroom Rubbings Plaque

Can you make out what this plaque is? It is number 3 on the trail with the clue; “Found in dark, damp areas where there are trees too.” Do you agree it is dark and damp here by the river? It is a mushroom.

You can find the map with the other spots and clues in the leaflet below. Only 9 more to find!



Rubbings Trail Leaflet

Illustration by Cara Shanley Art