Woodland Path Dog Walk

One of the most common visitors to the park has four legs, a tail, and attached to their owner. The woodland walk takes in the south wall of the park and although the path has been tarmaced there are plenty of trees and plants for our dog visitors to smell and navigate. 

Have you ever wondered what the park looks like from the viewpoint of a dog? You could strap a Go-Pro camera to your furry friend’s collar and enjoy the footage when you get home.

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, estimated to be from 1,000 to 10,000 times better than us. That’s because they have over 100 million sensory receptors (we have 6 million) and the part of the brain analysing the smells is 40 times larger than our comparable area of the brain. 

Being conscious of what a dog is smelling and seeing can help an owner better understand the dog’s life and what makes them happy. Is it the same tree that gets a sniff and attention every walk? Where does their tail wag the most? Do they walk closer to you on reaching busy road?

The Park has strict rules about dogs being kept on leads because of the wildlife which lives in the park, especially near the Peacock Sanctuary. Please take care of your precious family members and the Park’s.

If you do take a film of your dogs-eye-view we would love to watch it, email us DunfermlineTours@gmail.com or tase us on Twitter and Facebook @GoDunfermline.

Illustration by Cara Shanley Art

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