Lawyers Orchard

Saying thank you is good for the person you are thanking but it also helps you. Affirming gratitude consistently is reported to create a host of benefits, including; stronger immune systems, lower blood pressure, longer sleep and feeling more refreshed on waking, higher level of positive emotions, more joy and pleasure, more forgiving, feel less lonely and isolated. 

Scientists recommend keeping a gratitude journal to enter daily thanks, not just to people but also be thankful to the world. There’s an orchard here planted in 2011 supported by local lawyers which provides beautiful blossoms in the spring and one hopes delivers apples and pears later in the year. We can be grateful to the lawyers, to the people who organised the orchard, those who planted the trees, thank the soil giving nutrients to the trees, thank you to the insects for pollination, and so on. 

Lawyers Orchard
Lawyers’ Orchard (Illustration by Cara Shanley Art)

Making time to express thanks to people and the world can bring the benefits above and contribute to our wellbeing to be nurtured and topped up regularly too. 

Thank you to Friends of Pittencrieff Park who arranged this orchard and have created many of the wonderful features in the Park. 

Friends of Pittencrieff Park