Kitchen Smells

Kitchen Garden

Created in 2015, the Kitchen Garden has a range of familiar plants and herbs. Patrick Geddes’ plan recommended the use of such plants to be included in the Laird’s Garden to contribute to self-sufficiency but also hinted at having it open to all for their use.

Kitchen GardenKitchen Garden (Cara Shanley Art)

Brush your hand across the leaves – minding the nettles – and breathe in the smell stimulating your memories. Scents from previous meals, gardens and events. 

Can you name the plants? Have you got any of these in your kitchen? Depending on the time of year you can find all sorts of smells here. 

This leaflet from the Park has more information on this garden and others nearby.

The guide here has images of plants as at June 2020 to guide your nose. 

3 photos of kitchen herbs with names below Rosemary, Sage and Mint
Three kitchen garden herbs