War Time

WW2 Anti Tank Cubes

World War II impacted Dunfermline and the Park in many ways, the Pavilion was taken over by Military Authorities and these giant cubes were used nearby for road blocks. The first air raid of the war was October 1939 in the skies above the Forth Bridge, that brought the reality of the enemy’s reach to Fife. 

WW2 Anti Tank Cubes

The Park contributed in its own way, using the land for practical purposes to raise spirits and resources locally. The large lawn in front of Pittencrieff House was used for grazing sheep and cattle, then it was ploughed for potatoes and behind the House water was stored in large tanks to help the fire brigade to fight fires. 

You can find out more in the leaflet below. An annual commemoration of events to remember the region’s contribution to the war effort is led by Defend Fife, find out more on their website.

Defend Fife