Train Engine

The history of Dunfermline and Fife have strong links with coal mining. No trains ran through the Park, however the extraction and distribution of coal provided jobs and brought industry to Dunfermline.

This train engine reminds us of these links, the raw power of steam extracted from burning what was buried far below the houses and streets of Fife. 

Train Engine
Train Engine (Illustration by Cara Shanley Art)

Have you ever been in a steam train engine before? Climb into the cabin and imagine the heat radiating from the furnace at your knees. The engine doesn’t need to be steered, however, the track should be checked for obstacles, how easy is it to look down the line?

Can you smell the fire and soot as it envelopes the coal and then hear the high-pitched whistle as you pull the chord to release some steam and warn those down the track a novice driver is coming through!

Hit the triangle at the bottom of the screen to get the full experience!

You can find out more about the trains and restoration from Lathalmond Railway Museum, just outside Dunfermline.

Lathalmond Railway Museum