Beauty Spots

Watercolour in pink, blue and brown showing cherry blossom season.

If you are reading this website in the Park, you are likely carrying around a smart device with a camera included. Taking a photo of a place or person we love allows us to relive that moment years later. The photo can be printed and framed for the wall, shared on social media, or elevated to be a screensaver on the phone to be enjoyed hundreds of times a day. 

Cherry blossom tree with blue sky background
Cherry Blossom in Pittencrieff Park by H Muir

One spectacular photo opportunity here is in Spring for the Cherry Blossom tree avenue. In April/May each year the blossom explodes and fills the air with a sweet scent and the eyes with shades of pink, rose, red and so many more. There’s another short avenue of blossom in the south west corner of the Park, near Netherton Gate entrance which can provide a beautiful spot for updating the selfie profile or capture the beauty of spring rebirth. 

Pick up tips on photographing trees through this link from TV show Countryfile


Illustration by Cara Shanley Art