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Image with Dunfermline Public Park

Plans for Dunfermline’s Public Park were originally discussed on a visit in 1864 from Sir Joseph Paxton, designer of the Crystal Palace in London. Following his death in 1865 his assistant G H Stokes progressed the design. The dual carriageway, added in the 1980s, has split the park, however many of the original features remain. 

Bandstand from Dunfermline Public Park
Dunfermline Public Park Bandstand

The bandstand was a gift from Louise Carnegie – Andrew Carnegie’s American-born wife, who made her first visit to Dunfermline in 1887, shortly after they married. Its main design features are explained in the Illustrated Catalogue of Macfarlane’s Castings (6th Edition; 1882-83, 2 Vols, p674) – some of which are reproduced below. W. McFarlane & Co. Ltd. are better known as the Saracen Foundry based in Possilpark, Glasgow.

The park and bandstand have witnessed all sorts of activity over the years, including a march of 3,000 Orangemen in 1961 to remember the 272nd anniversary of the Relief of Derry. Equally memorable was when 15,000 spectators gathered in 1938 to witness a practical Air Raid Patrol demonstration. 

The park and bandstand continue to be used for festivals and community events, bringing visitors and local people together. 

Do you have any memories of events here?  Why not sit a while and reminisce with the help of our playlist, which includes a bit of pipe band music to get you in the swing. 

Illustrated Catalogue of Macfarlane’s Castings