Our Carnegie Hall

Image with How do you get to Dunfmerline Carnegie Hall

Have you heard the joke about Carnegie Hall? How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. Nobody’s really sure who came up with the joke, but thankfully, for us, it’s a lot easier to get to Dunfermline’s Carnegie Hall – head east along the High Street and here we are. 

Built-in 1937 with funds from Carnegie Dunfermline Trust, our Hall is smaller than the first Carnegie Hall in New York which is famous for the joke and many legendary performances since it opened in 1891, courtesy of Andrew Carnegie’s support. 

Architecture plans for The Carnegie Dunfermline Trust "Banachie" elevations.
Architect Elevations of what became Carnegie Hall

One famous performer to appear in both venues was Billy Connolly, with his Atlantic Bridge album in 1976. You can hear the concert on YouTube.

Billy Connolly – Atlantic Bridge side one

Many familiar local, national and international performers have also brought their music to Dunfermline’s Carnegie Hall, including; The Proclaimers from nearby Auctermuchty, and Barbara Dickson, from the town. 

Carnegie Hall was built to hold a seated audience of 640 and plans and drawings show that today’s building is pretty much as the architect intended. It’s still a popular venue for gigs, travelling acts, plays and comedy performances as well as supporting local drama groups. 

Billy Connolly ‎– Atlantic Bridge