Chase the Burn

Tower Burn

Here’s a challenge for you, beware it does take you on uneven park trails, up and down hills and steps. Are you up for it?

The game of Pooh Sticks has you follow your chosen stick as it floats on the stream under the bridge. Instead, we are going to track the Tower Burn from the top of the park where it enters right down to the bottom where it escapes. It will take about 15 minutes and it is not a race, you will see locations involved in stories over hundreds of years. 

Starting from the main entrance also known as Louise Carnegie Gates, keep turning left on the paths and they will take you to the starting point, by the Tower Burn.

Small stone footbridge arching over burn, estimate 1 meter tall and 4 meters long
Footbridge over Tower Burn

Now, follow that path all the way through the park, keeping the burn on your right. You’ll walk past a gorgeous wee footbridge before discovering a well where William Wallace is said to have hidden 700 years ago and see an unusual double decker bridge!

A structure built of stone bricks extends from the river bank. It is about 1.5 metres tall and 2 metres wide. It is well hidden in the fallen leaves. A metal drill blocks the entrance.
Known as the well where William Wallace was said to have hidden

Pittencrieff House started being built in 1610, just after the double bridge look up to the right. You will see the back of this fine, painted example of a Laird’s home.

As the burn continues to run you find yourself far below the former Royal Palace of King James VI and Queen Anne of Denmark, you can look up and see the splendour of the walls remaining, built over 400 years ago.

Where the burn leaves the park it passes by a play park where the old royal stables were at the time of the Palace.

You are now at the entrance to the Park from Netherton, and where the burn leaves the park and continues down Forth Street opposite. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the Wallace Well or Pittencrieff House we have seven other free digital tours. Hit the triangle at the bottom of your screen to hear what they are about.

Illustration by Cara Shanley Art