What’s Next?

Pittencrieff Park Map

The Park continues to be used by different groups and for a variety of activities. There are various festivals throughout the year, keep an eye out. 

Some regular activities include; 

Cycling Without Age – Bringing the Global Trishaw movement to Dunfermline’s Pittencrieff Park, suitable for all; Older Adults or people with mobility issues with their families or carers. Bookings on Facebook Page.

A weekly parkrun has been run over 300 times in the Park on Saturdays starting at 9:30am, just as it does in 725 locations around the world. A great way to see 5km of the Park, at your pace and meet lovely people at the same time on a post-run coffee. Don’t run? They have a supportive volunteer group to help everyone stay safe and feel welcome.

Yoga in the Glen has been a fixture during the Dunfermline and West Fife Wellbeing Through Heritage project since 2022. 

There is a selection of trails produced as part of a National Lottery Heritage Fund project in 2012. Here are PDF leaflets you can read or download to help your exploration of the 76 acres. 

Thank you for visiting The Glen, don’t forget to smile to fellow park users and share your thoughts with us @GoDunfermline on X and Facebook.

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