Glasshouse Discoveries


Pittencrieff Park’s Glasshouse is big, built in 1973 to replace the original one from 1913. It holds examples of plants from all over the world and gets used for school visits and holds a few fish too.

Glasshouse (Illustration by Cara Shanley Art)

Opening hours are shown on the door and if open you have the chance to see plants and experience climate conditions from rain forests and deserts. 

A place to visit on a cold short winter day to dream of holidays passed or the next summer, it’ll warm you up!

Admire nature’s patterns and the diversity of living conditions. One plant you will find in there, called Lemon Scented Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens ‘Bontrosai’) has a delicious smell and said to repel mosquitoes, give it a sniff!

Learn more in the leaflet below about the Glasshouse and Gardens. In particular the leaflet shares what happens in all the gardening areas in the Park throughout the seasons.