The Laird’s Garden

Laird's Garden

The Laird’s Garden is definitely a place to take a seat, relax and admire the surrounding activities. We recommend the benches facing the Glasshouse to take in the full garden splendour and the Glasshouse. Look right toward what remains of the Royal Palace. If you believe local folklore the furthest window on the top left floor is the room where Charles the First was born in 1600. 

Laird's Garden
The Laird’s Garden (Illustration by Cara Shanley Art)

Originally, the garden of Pittencrieff House, the Laird’s Garden now holds flowers, herbs and is constantly populated with insects, bees, birds and visitors. 

Find the lavender to run your hands through it and enjoy the calming tones of its scent. 

Beside the House, at the entrance to this area you’ll find one of the 10 Rubbing Plaques throughout the park.

Can you make out what insect this is?

It has a bee on it, we found this very informative website about how to identify our bees at Bumble Bee Conservation.

A gif of 3 seconds showing two hands putting white paper on a brass plaque and rubbing with a crayon to create image of a bee
Brass Rubbing Plaque works best with a crayon

Learn more in the PDF on Glasshouse and Gardens. In particular, the leaflet shares what happens in all the gardening areas throughout the seasons. 

Bumble Bee Conservation