FAQ – Wellbeing in Pittencrieff Park

Where does Dunfermline’s Wellbeing in Pittencrieff Park Tour start?

Anywhere you choose! We have split the park into 17 segments, with each offering something to do or think about with a link to wellbeing. The stops have numbers but they mean nothing. You can explore the park using the map and your location. With each stop we offer the names of the stops in adjacent segments.

Do I need to have headphones to do the tour?

No, there’re a few sound effects and links to audio content, but they can be listened to through your phone speakers.

Do I need to have Soundcloud App to hear the information?

No, the Soundcloud website will open for the audio with some of the audio actually our tour website too.

Do I have to do the whole Tour?

The tour is designed to give you control of where and when to get involved. You can start at any of the stops, there is no set story. You can tick the stops on the map as you do them and revisit next time you are in town. Or finish off the tour by looking when you get home.

If I want more information on a subject, where can I find it?

Writing these tours revealed a huge amount of information which is online and in nearby museums, libraries and archives. You can find a list of some of the free resources discovered at Dunfermline.com. You can contact us @GoDunfermline on Facebook and Twitter or send us an email to DunfermlineTours@gmail.com

How much do the Tours cost?

FREE 😃 If you enjoy them please tell your friends and share your experience on Facebook or Twitter tagging #GoDunfermline. Share the stories far and wide.

How can I use the tour?

You will need a smart device with a web browser like Chrome, Safari, etc. The Tours are on a website. As long as your device runs a recent version of iOS or Android the website will show. Go to Dunfermline.Tours/pittencrieff-park/ to get started.

Is there an App?

No. The tour is accessible through your device’s web browser.

Who paid for this?

Dunfermline is a wonderfully friendly place, we hope you will discover this in the shops, restaurants and other places you visit. Local heritage partners, residents, volunteers and businesses have contributed to these tours because they want visitors and residents to have a great experience and leave with a new sense of pride about Dunfermline’s past, present and future. Please see the list of thank yous and credits for more details.

I’ve done the Tour – what’s next?

There are seven other free Digital Tours you can do immediately, they are listed at Dunfermline.Tours. We also offer a free Welcome Walk weekly in the winter and Monday to Saturday in the spring and summer. If you would like to visit a local venue or stop for some food, we have some suggestions in the vicinity at the Stops and also a webage with other local suggestions of what to do next.

What other Tours are there?

All tours can be found at www.Dunfermline.Tours ; St Margaret’s Journey, Dunfermline’s Mysteries, Dunfermline’s Soundtrack, Bruce Street, Fantasy Safari (families), Right Royal Toun and International Connections. 

How can I start Dunfermline’s Wellbeing in the Park Tour?


Where is Dunfermline?

We are just the other side of the UNESCO World Heritage Forth Bridge 🚂Here’s the centre point of the town. Glasgow is under an hour away by 🚙. In 20 minutes we can be at Edinburgh Airport 🛬 and in Edinburgh’s centre in 30 minutes. If you are aware of What3Words map then our Mercat Cross is at: define.memo.poet

Map showing Dunfermline and location to Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling

How do I get to Dunfermline?

Look at Traveline Scotland.

Where and when does the Welcome Walk begin?

On the High Street, opposite Brian Beveridge Butcher Shop beside the grass area known as Gap Site. 10:30am on Monday to Saturday April to October and 10:30am on Wednesdays November to March. What3Word address alien.funny.ants or Google Map

What shops or restaurants can I visit for more information?

If you would like to explore the international flavours we have in Dunfermline you can find suggestions at our partner’s page.

If it is raining where can I get shelter?

Dunfermline has many options to keep dry on the unusually inclement days. At the top of the High Street is the Kingsgate Shopping Centre, familiar shops with local traders selling fruit and veg, bread, sweets and soaps often available. The restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels offer food and drink of all sorts. A range of traditional, crafty, modern or themed are all around the town. If you want to stimulate the mind further there’s Fire Station Creative with its regular exhibition changes and cafe, museums and galleries in the heritage quarter and for a full family experience The Ceramic Cafe has a ball pit, ceramics to paint and cakes to eat, a short walk away. All can be found at our partner’s page.

Who owns this website?

All information has been researched and sourced with suitable attributions made as far as ONFife can identify. If there are any errors, please email DunfermlineTours@gmail.com All content is ©ONFife unless otherwise stated.

Did I hear you have a Snapchat Lens?

Yes, we have a wonderful animation showing why North and South Queensferry were named. You need:

  • £20 Bank of Scotland note OR Look at Stop 11 on Royal Tour
  • Scan the Snapcode below to host the lens for 48 hours
  • Select lens and look at £20 note through the lens
Snapchat filter lens trigger called Queensferry X-ing by Graeme Sutherland
Queensferry Crossing Snapchat Lens

What are the other tours about?

Listen to this short audio promotion of the first six tours. We have since added Historic Bruce Street which is a look at one of Dunfermline’s oldest towns. The final tour added – Wellbeing in Pittencrieff Park – is a tribute to the wonderful green space at the bottom of the High Street. Activities to get involved with nature and connecting mind and body.

Six Digital Tours in Dunfermline (50secs)

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