International Impact with Guitars

We are now at the end of the International Connections adventure of Dunfermline. However, we never mentioned one of our biggest exports, music. There’s a dedicated tour called Dunfermline’s Soundtrack if you would like to listen to the artists who have performed here. 

There are also some famous musicians who originated here! Take a seat on a bench in the Park by the Louise Carnegie Gates and listen to some of their music on this Spotify Playlist below. There are more details and playlists on the Soundtrack Tour.  

We hope you enjoyed your tour of Dunfermline’s international connections. Why not explore more Dunfermline tours here? We’d love to hear your feedback too – you can find us @GoDunfermline on Facebook and X, or share your comments with #GoDunfermline.


Dunfermline’s Soundtrack Tour
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