In 1961, Pete Agnew formed The Shadettes and by 1970 the original lineup with Manny Charlton, Dan McCafferty and Darrell Sweet were renamed Nazareth.

When Nazareth were the resident band at the Belleville Hotel, Pilmuir Street, Dunfermline, they would learn three new cover songs every Sunday afternoon to play that evening.

A full history as told by Pete Agnew and Dan McCafferty can be read on the band’s website.

As at January 2024, Spotify shows their most popular single as Love Hurts streamed over 196 million times!

Famous fans

Guns ’n’ Roses loved Nazareth! The band saw every one of Nazareth’s Tour shows in the US the year before they broke up.

Lineup in 2020

  • Pete Agnew
  • Jimmy Murrison
  • Lee Agnew
  • Carl Sentance 

Past members of the band have included; Billy Rankin, Zal Cleminson, John Locke, Linton Osbourne and Ronnie Leahy.

Nazareth – Love Hurts 1975 YouTube

History of band, by band 
Love Hurts YouTube