Street of Ages

Bruce Street

Immerse yourself in the sounds of the Street’s history in this wordless soundscape. Starting at the southern end, at the City Chambers building, you walk northwards the top of the street.

In just over three minutes you’ll journey through more than 600 years of this street’s history, from the changes in industry, disastrous fires, the opening of exciting new buildings to the worries of war.

Pop on your headphones, press the play button at the bottom of the screen and walk along with the footsteps.

Listen out for:

  • The Medieval Abbey
  • Horse and carts
  • Sounds of early industry
  • Bicycles
  • New buildings being constructed
  • Brave locals fighting the Great Fire of Dunfermline
  • Party time in bars and clubs
  • Cattle being driven to market
  • Soldiers going off to war
  • The coming of the industrial age
  • Familiar ringtones

Soundscape created by local musician and producer Liam Saunders from Loopmaniac Studio, Dunfermline.

Black and white photograph with description "Bruce Street before 1925. The Caledonia Works which burned down in 1925, can be seen at the top of the road in Damside Street."
Bruce Street Looking North before 1925
Fife Cultural Trust (Dunfermline Local Studies) on behalf of Fife Council
Black and white photograph with description 'This is the top of Bruce Street before the bridge was opened in 1932. Notice that the shops on the left are continuous right into Damside Street. Sclar's (house furnishers) is on the right.'
Top Bruce Street before 1932
Fife Cultural Trust (Dunfermline Local Studies) on behalf of Fife Council

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